Friday, November 21, 2008

Dos a Cero, Sound's about right

Sorry for the delay, I took a day to bask in the glory of victory and annual leave. Nice performance put in by the young fellas, emphasized by the poor display by the visiting Guatemalans. Solid defending, two quality goals and some nice confident ball movement. Those who had been calling for Kenny Cooper had to be happy with the result, as he finished well after a quality move and pass from Jozy. With Beasley, Dempsey, Donovan, Bradley, Edu and Davies available for the Hexagonal, let's see how big Bob does with some tough personnel decisions.


Patrick said...

Hey, is it just me, or does Bob Bradley always sound like he hates Freddy?

From Goff:

Bob Bradley: "One of the most important things with Freddy is making sure that he understands that while it's really nice that a lot is said and written about him, none of it matters when he walks in the door to the national team. The understanding of how to earn the respect of his teammates, and how to do things on the field that will help us win, those things come first. I'm sure that's also much of what he is trying to piece together at Monaco. This is what happens when the level gets higher with top clubs. It's a growing process, we talk about it with him often, and we hope that he continues to move along."

BJ said...

Yea, it def doesn't seem like Freddy is his favorite player.

Girair said...

Well the coaching staff (Novak, ahem) aren't exactly Freddy lovers. Anyway I don't think Bradley really has a fine sense of how to nuture younger players, because he wants to keep Freddy grounded but doesn't seem to know how to boost his confidence. And of course he inexplicably can't get the best out of his own son. BTW Pat, what about Kljestan, he keeps making it hard to dislike him with some strong performances.

Patrick said...

I retract my previous illogical hatred for Kljestan.

Some of it was founded on the mistaken idea that he was about 3 years older than he is; the rest was from his utter inability to finish in Copa America.

Either way, the boy can play, and I now watch him with an open mind.

Even if his karate kick celebrations are stupid.

Krista said...

Honestly I'm glad BB said that about Freddy. I like the kid but I haven't been too impressed by him until this past game.

Any player from any country has to earn the respect of the coaches, teammates, and the fans. I guess Freddy hasn't won over everyone, but he is young and has time to prove himself.

As for SK, he has for sure had his ups and downs with the nat team, but I like what I see from him. The karate kicks are a tribute for his dad, so I'm cool with them. :)