Friday, November 21, 2008

Keep it Moving

Here's the new video by Q-Tip off his tight new album, "The Renaissance". Cool, mellow song to get you through Friday and welcome you to the weekend. Kudos to Rik Cordeiro to having the entire underground hip hop music video scene on lock. From videos by The Roots, to Nas, to Wale, he has been putting it in all year. Nice to be able to see the visual presentation of the music we love, from artists that don't have Britney Spears-type budgets.


Lord Batu said...

Hey, I don't mind a little hip-hop with my soccer.
Not too shabby a site so far. Found out about ya over at Soccer Insider.
I'll be checking back in with some frequency, keep it up:-)

BJ said...

Thanks for the look, I'll do my best to keep the content coming and the blog improving.