Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Was Fernando Clavijo Really That Bad?

After compiling a 5-4-2 record and nearly leading his team to the playoffs, Gary Smith has officially been named head coach of the Colorado Rapids. After a respectable end to the season, and with players voicing their support for Smith, this doesn't surprise me. What does surprise me is the sudden turnaround by team captain, Pablo Mastroeni, who re-signed with the club Tuesday. Wasn't it just 4 months ago that he was talking about a move to Europe? Whether it was because of a lack of interest from abroad or excitement about his team moving in a positive direction (and away from Calavijo), Mastroeni seems excited about returning to Colorado for next season.


Keith said...

yo bro, you wrote 'resigned' as in quit, but really its 're-signed' which is the opposite. just pointin that out


BJ said...

Fixed, thanks for the heads up.