Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Expansion Draft Tomorrow

Although every blogger and soccer reporter has already talked about this story, I figured I might as well share my opinion. Plus American soccer news is slow today, so sue me. Last year, the San Jose Earthquakes used the expansion draft (as well as some trades) to build their team from the back to the front, and it served them relatively well. Unfortunately, their lack of firepower up top caused them to start the season horribly, until some mid-season trades (Darren Huckerby, Arturo Alvarez) helped them solve that problem.

Look for Seattle to focus on defense in the expansion draft as well because unlike San Jose last year, they already have some quality players on the roster. They have already signed Kasey Keller (GK), Sebastien Le Toux (F), Sanna Nyassi (M), and their DP Freddie Ljunberg (M). With these players available, who would you take? Following these rules, my picks are after the jump.

Player (Team, Pos., Salary)

1. Nate Jaqua (Houston, F, 156,000)
2. Brandon Prideaux (Chicago, D, 72,000)
3. Pat Phelan (New England, D/M, 33,000)
4. Brad Evans (Columbus, M, 33,000)
5. James Riley (San Jose, D, 33,000)
6. Tyson Wahl (Kansas City, D, 33,000)
7. Jorge Flores (Chivas USA, M/F, 17,700)
8. Aaron Pitchkolan (FC Dallas, D, 33,000)
9. Francis Doe (DC United, F, 33,000)
10. Michael Randolph (LA Galaxy, D/M, 33,000)

I wanted to take Eddie Gaven (Columbus, M, 165,000) and Nate Sturgis (Real Salt lake, D/M, 75,000), but I thought the price tag was too high for Gaven (when you already have 2 outside mids on the roster) and I am not convinced that Sturgis will ever be able to stay healthy.


Girair said...

Wouldn't be surprised to see them go after Wade Barrett rather than Nate Jaqua. Terry Cooke would be intriguing if they didn't have wingers already. I'd also go for Khano Smith rather than Pat Phelan, and with Khano Smith on board as an attacker I'd replace Phelan at the d-mid spot with Joe Vide (though I'd personally rather DC keep him than Doe). I also wouldn't pick anyone who had anything to do with LA's defense, so Michael Randolph goes and maybe go for the promise of Johann Smith.

BJ said...

Yea, I would like Wade Barret too but I think since Jaqua is from Seattle there was something written in the contract when he resigned from Houston, giving him a chance to go home (Specualtion of course). Personally, I think Khano Smith has no skill, but I can see why he is appealing because of his athleticism. Johann Smith could be good, young, fast and willing to take on defenders is always a good thing. Can't really argue with the LA theory, although I think Randolph has a good career in front of him. An attacking outside back can't do that much when his team is always getting dominated.

Patrick said...

Did you see Goff say "don't be surprised if the Sounders claim Zach Wells and trade him to a club in need of goalkeeping depth"

Really? Did they watch him play this year?

I don't think Wells was quite as awful as most DC fans thought, but I also didn't see anything to make me think he was worth $50,000. As many goalkeepers as this country produces I can't understand how it is so hard to find a competent backup.

I think both Vide and Doe would be reasonable picks from DC's roster. I'd be sorry to see either go. If anyone has to go, then Wells has to be the preferred choice.

BJ said...

Well DC picked up Wells' option for another year so either James Thorpe is not very good, or they think Wells is worth the 55,000-60,000 he costs