Thursday, January 8, 2009

Asher Roth, Rapper and Hero?

There is a reason I am excited about 2009 and the world of music. It's not just that Eminem is returning and the Blueprint 3 is supposed to be dropping, but also because of new artists like Wale, B.O.B., Charles Hamilton, and Asher Roth. The latter is not only dropping hot songs like the ones above, below, and after the jump, but he is apparently fighting terrorism. Kudos to Asher for assisting in detaining a crazy man on a plane, as well as being a skinny, dorky, white kid that is injecting some fresh music into the hip hop scene. Can't wait to see if he can turn some of the promise he shows in these tracks into a solid debut album. When watching the video below for "Roth boys" check the cameos by Akon, DJ Drama, and the first time flip cup has ever been featured in a rap video.

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