Monday, January 5, 2009

MLS Superdraft News

I knew the holiday season was over when I stepped on the Metro this morning and there were no seats available at all. But, at least I was lucky enough to get to stand between two heavy set men that were having a competition to see who could take up the most room on the train (always a good time). On to more important things, the MLS Superdraft is coming up shortly and there have been a bunch of articles profiling this year's draft class. Here is Buzz Carrick's take on the best Senior Forwards available (Marcus Tracy pictured above) and Kyle McCarthy's take on why Generation Adidas players are so appealing to MLS executives. Finally here is the 3rd and updated edition of Ives Galarcep's mock draft. Check it out and I will be back with national team news later in the day.

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