Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Combine Wrap Up + Superdraft Predictions

The MLS Combine is over and those that participated now have to wait and see how the Superdraft will shake out. The MLS fan like you and me however, can now attempt to make predictions concerning draft order and offer detailed analysis on players we have only seen play a few times or read about. In keeping with that theme (and adding to my knowledge on the subject), Buzz Carrick hits us with his Combine Wrap up and his final Goalkeeper rankings. He also gives us his breakdown of the Top 20 overall prospects, while Ives Galarcep lets us know who he thinks hurt and helped themselves during the MLS combine. Check in tomorrow to see where everyone got picked (including Sam Cronin, pictured above) and read my previous post for some further insight into the build up to the draft.


Girair said...

So where's your predictions on who DC is going to draft?? What kind of blog is this??

Seriously though, I would love to see Frei drafted, though I think that's unlikely. Any of the Maryland guys would be solid additions in my book, same with Kevin Alston, even if we did re-sign Namoff.

BJ said...

Yea, I was actually doing work at the job that pays me so I slacked on the predictions. My bad. For DC, Frei or Alston would be nice. I also wouldn't mind seeing them take Peri Marosevic.