Friday, December 12, 2008

De Rosario Heading Home to Toronto

Dwayne De Rosario is heading back to Canada. Today, Toronto FC and the Houston Dynamo announced a trade that sends DeRo up north, and Julius James and some allocation money down to Houston. Ives chips in here with some insider news about the trade. What do you think of the trade? Will this finally propel TFC into the playoffs, or has Houston given up a player on the decline for a center back of the future? As it stands now, it looks like TFC got the better of the trade, but we'll have to wait to see who Houston brings in with that allocation money. Houston might be regretting this trade a year from now if he can recreate some goals for the Reds like the one shown above.

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Chest said...

Obviously it's hard to judge the deal until Houston does whatever they're going to do with the cap space and extra cash, but I think they've set themselves up to come out on top in this deal. Holden is ready to be the man somewhere, and I can think of few places where it's an easier job than in Houston. They also still have depth at the position in Cameron (OK, he's not an attacking midfielder, but they can play him alongside Clark or Mulrooney and still beat most MLS teams).

The big thing is that the Dynamo needed to upgrade Ching's partner. Kamara is more suited to be Ching's back up. When you've got the players they have in midfield, even a moderately crafty forward can end up looking brilliant. If I'm Dom Kinnear, I'm trying to work some kind of deal to get Pat Noonan. Then again, if I'm virtually any MLS team, I'm trying to get Noonan (who probably wants to leave since Schelotto is sticking around).