Monday, December 22, 2008

Lots of News in the World of MLS

I have been slacking. Even though it's the offseason, there has been an insane amount of activity over the past few days. Freddie is hurt, Borgetti might be coming (say it ain't so), and Buzz Carrick is putting out lists of potential GA prospects, and the top goalies that might be coming to MLS. Also, the Crew got a new coach (picture above), but he might be without his best defender next year. Oh yea and apparently DC United might have passed on signing Stephen Appiah, while Houston is trying to acquire an up and coming Mexican player.

Don't forget there are also some American still playing overseas, and some of them are putting in notable performances. Dempsey bagged a goal in a winning effort, Friedel got a shutout to send his team into 3rd place, and Bocanegra and Gooch played the full 90 as both their teams were victorious. Check for Dempsey's goal after the jump.

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