Wednesday, December 17, 2008

US vs Mexico: Should Be Quite a Trip

When it was announced that the US vs Mexico game on Feb 11th would be played in Columbus, I figured I would have good time watching the game on my couch, drinking a few beers. Then my brother suggested that we go, and reminded me that the game falls on one of my good friends' birthdays. Now I am hyped. If all goes to plan, I will be watching this game in person thanks to cheap flights from Southwest and a cheap hotel room thanks to Holiday Inn. US Soccer put up the video above on their Youtube page as promo for the game. Gotta love the fact they include a few shots of Gooch making Borgetti his bitch. Anyone else plan on making the trip?

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Krista said...

You will have to have major coverage when you go! Okay, maybe not major but at least some pics and possible video.

Since I cant go I would love a vid of the crowd during the game. Have fun. :)