Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tottenham is Keeping it Classy

I know this is not American soccer or music related but this is too good to pass up, as it includes drunken footballers, beautiful women, and an up and coming Mexican star getting carried into a car (see above). Looks like the boys Tottenham need to blow off some steam (more pics) before their clash with Manchester United this weekend, as Giovanni Dos Santos, Kevin Prince-Boateng, and Allan Hutton hit up the bars for a few beverages, with Dos Santos keeping it very college at the end of the night. I'm all about living the life that your star status affords you, but let's be a little more smooth next time, and maybe not go out right before you play last year's EPL champions.


Chest said...

"Keeping it college" that analogous to "keeping it Baltimore"?

Also, you've got to love the British press going straight for the stereotype. He's Mexican, of course he loves tequila!

BJ said...

O yea definitely, I decided to overlook the racism on that one but good point.