Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ESPN Interviews Dempsey, Part 1

ESPNSoccernet recently did an interview with Clint Dempsey, and you can check out part one of the conversation right here. Nice to see a happier Clint (after regaining his starting spot) talking about his current situation over at Fulham. I have always liked Dempsey. He's always had that American swagger about him that I think is missing in a lot of American soccer players. Unlike in the NBA and NFL, where it pretty much oozes out of better players. Basically he knows he's the man, and let's hope he shows it and the upcoming qualifiers, just like he did with this banger (our only one of the tourney) in 2006. Oh and I apologize for the weird music playing in the background of the video, I guess the person who uploaded this is trying to set the mood.

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